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Online Training

Plan an online one-on-one lesson for German, English or other languages with one of our berlasco teachers.
Meet your friends, colleagues and family online to learn a language while working from home, your office, your cottage or wherever you are.
Needless to say, this is a worldwide service offered by berlasco - Berlin Language School, using online tools such as Skype, zoom, Google hangouts, Google meet, Google docs etc.

Due to the current health and contact situation, which means working from home for most of us, we offer a 17.5 % discount on all our online products, e.g. one-to-one lessons:

  • 45 minutes, already including 17.5 % discount = € 42.40
  • 60 minutes, already including 17.5 % discount = € 55.60

Please inquire about further discounts berlasco is offering for packages of 8 or more video or phone lessons!